Do you wish to learn how to use a power kite or just want to have fun with friends? The Kitech Speedy 5 trainer kite is the right choice for you.
The Speedy 5 is a two line closed-cell training kite is controlled with a bar like the bigger ones.  The closed cell technology enables it to be easily self-launched by users of all levels.
If you crash the Speedy 5, relaunch from the water or land is a breeze as the kite holds its shape because of the pressure inside the closed cells, unlike other open cell trainer kites.

The Speedy 5 is easy to control, with a solid pull so you can practice in high winds or use it for kite skating and buggying.

The new Speedy 5 has following characteristics:

  • Stability in low winds and in all areas of the wind-window;
  • Ideal for practicing launching, landing a kite and basic tricks;
  • Accurate drive, narrow turns;
  • Simple construction made of high quality material.


  • Higher stability profile;
  • Taped inside to maintain a better shape;
  • Minimal dome line length made of hi-quality ripstop nylon paragliding material;
  • Thin Dyneema dome lines minimizing air resistance (0.8mm diameter, 100kg tensile strength);
  • Hi-quality main lines (1.6mm diameter, 250kg tensile strength) with minimal strain (1,9%) for accurate control.


Flat area (m2)2.0
Flat span (m)2.83
Max width (m)0.82
Aspect Ration4.0
Nr. of cells18
Wind range (knots)5-24
Main lines2×21 m 250 kg
red, grey dyneema
Bar size (cm)55


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